Audition Prep & Outreach

MetroWest Opera’s Audition Preparation Evenings

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Back by popular demand, MetroWest Opera is pleased to bring you even MORE Audition Preparation Evenings in Fall 2017 and Spring 2018.  Our Audition Prep Evenings are a chance for emerging professional opera singers to…

  • Try out new repertoire, including arias, oratorio, art songs, and legit musical theatre pieces
  • Receive written, anonymous feedback from your peer singers (optional)
  • Experiment with musical and dramatic interpretation
  • Gain the experience of singing pieces before using said arias in real auditions

Each audition preparation evening is 2 hours and limited to 12 participants, with each singer entitled to 10-12 minutes of singing time with pianist.

The Audition Prep Evening on Monday, October 16th Old West Church in Beacon Hill has been CANCELED!!!

Cost is $25 per participant.
* Note: In order for each participant to fairly get the greatest amount of constructive feedback, we ask each participant to stay for the entire 2 hours, even if you sing first.  Singers will benefit the most from the greatest variety and diversity of opinion when it comes to their singing and interpretation.  If you have a specific reason for attending late or leaving early please email us at and we will work to accommodate you.

MetroWest Opera’s In-School Outreach Program

Program Title: The Journey of Opera
Age Group: Elementary and Middle School
Program Length: 45-50 Minutes

MetroWest Opera is committed to sharing the joy of opera with all of MetroWest Boston’s children. Our outreach vocal quartet has prepared an interactive educational program which traces operas from four major time periods. Four vocalists perform and teach young audiences with entertaining interpretations of operas from different composers and historical eras.  The musicians will perform duets, trios, and quartets from various operas. The program will be presented in a quiz show format and students will have many opportunities to participate. The program also features a Q&A session that allows artists to talk about their backgrounds, training, and professional careers.

For more information or to book a presentation at your school, contact MetroWest Opera at